Photography is a beautiful expression of life, beauty, and art. Although some people just see a pretty picture, there is so much thought and inspiration from the photographer behind it. Every photographer is different and chooses their own genre. Some types of photography are somewhat overlapping, but these are the most popular types of photography:

Portrait Photography

This genre of photography is one that many people are familiar with. Portrait photography is taking a photo of someone for their profile, maternity, newborns, school photos, senior photos, as well as general family photos. This is often a starting point for most photographers to find their style and explore with capturing emotion. This type of photography is a great way to build a portfolio as well. 

Product Photography

For more commercial photography, there is product photography. This genre is more for advertising and marketing. These are kinds of photos that are found in online and print catalogs. This type of photography is usually studio based and uses controlled backgrounds, shadows, and lighting. Everything from food, jewelry, and cars with or without models will be shot in a way to show off or sell the products being photographed.

Travel Photography

Many photographers with a desire to travel and explore the world will dabble in travel photography. Many times this type of photography allows for creativity with the camera and blends many types of photography into one. There can be a focus on people, lifestyles, culture and venture landscape or wildlife shots. With travel photography, the possibilities of capturing a foreign land through a photograph are endless. 

Aerial Photography

This genre has evolved with the help of modern technologies. Photographers use flying objects such as drones, balloons, pigeons, helicopters, and more to take an ariel picture of landscapes, architecture, weddings, and other scenes. This gives a unique and breathtaking view of people and places.