Podcasts are a great way to find new knowledge on your favorite topics and passions. One of the best ways to learn new skills as a photographer is by learning from others.  From other photographers, you can learn new creative strategies, keep your gear up to date, new editing programs, and the best ways to find new photography gigs and making money. Check out the best five podcasts for photographers.

Six Figure Photography

Hosted by Ben Hartley who a photographer who built a six-figure photography business, he uses his Six Figure Photography podcast to teach others how to do the same. Each episode goes into the details of growing a career in photography, specific numbers, digital marketing techniques, and how to build your brand. This a great show for new photographers who want to learn the fundamentals of running a successful business. 

B&H Photography Podcast

The team behind the renowned Manhattan photography store B&H created the B&H Photography Podcast. As one of the more popular photography podcasts, they often have high-profile guests Vince Aletti and Art Streiber to give their listeners up-to-date knowledge about the latest photography gear and industry news. This is a great resource for all levels of photographers.

This Week in Photo

Another great photography podcast for the latest in gear is This Week in Photo. The host Frederick Van Johnson invites guests to chat about very niche photography subjects such as transitioning from a Lumix MFT camera to an Olympus. This podcast offers very technical conversations regarding gear and devices, which could get boring for some photographers. For those who love to geek out over photography tech, this is the podcast for you.

The Art of Photography: Off Camera

A newer podcast than the rest, the Art of Photography: Off Camera is hosted by Ted Forbes and Jaron Schneider share. They have fun and genuine conversations about new camera gear and career highlights. Their personality and chemistry really drive the podcast and truly make it an incredible show. Although the sound quality of the podcast could use some work, the hosts really carry the show with their genuine conversations about photography.

Master Photography Podcast

Hosted by Brent Bergherm, Brian McGuckin, Connor Hibbs, Erica Kay, and Jeff Harmon depending on the episode, Master Photography Podcast talks about the industry, discusses memorable career stories, and offer their different perspectives on niche photography subjects. This is a great podcast to gain different knowledge and prospects on the photography world.