Whether you are a professional or novice photographer, sharing your work is an important part of what you do. Even if you aren’t looking for clients, sharing your photography can help increase your renown and improve your reputation, and it also opens you up to productive feedback and new connections within the community. Because much of the artistic world has cultivated creative spaces online to share work and network, it is important for photographers to utilize these spaces to the best of their abilities. Here are a few platforms to consider using.



One of the most popular and obvious options, Instagram is an absolute necessity for photographers looking to share their work and gain more exposure. As an image-based social media platform, photographers should be keen on creating an account as early on in their journey as possible. With Instagram, it’s important to focus on the quality of your work, but it’s also crucial that you are regularly active or you may risk losing followers. Instagram typically requires a good amount of diligence and attention, but these profiles are ideal for photographers.



Behance is perfect for artists of all kinds, but especially those who use Adobe programs to edit or enhance their photography, as the platform is owned by Adobe. Not only is Behance actually designed to showcase artistic work, making it a haven for photographers, it is an excellent place to get inspiration. Behance cultivates feeds for users, presenting them with daily collections of unique work by others.


Stellar Stories

Similarly to Instagram, Stellar Stories operates as a mobile app, and while this may feel limiting to some, it presents a great opportunity to receive daily inspiration and shape a narrative around your work. Getting your work featured is also a unique opportunity that promotes your work and encourages more engagement with others in the field.



For some photographers, Flickr may seem outdated, as the platform has been around for well over a decade. However, the social media site is still highly active and is a great place to share your work with other ambitious photographers. Flickr is a great place to store high-resolution images, and the free account allows users to store up to one thousands pictures, making it an excellent platform to use.