For those with a passion for photography, their subjects can change and they will find their favorite type of photography. Many photographers love capturing life and human interaction. In order to capture emotions and the true essence of a moment, it’s important to know how to nail a perfect action shot. While it may sound easy to simply point and shoot where all the action is, it takes a keen eye and practice to take a great photograph:

Raise Shutter Speed

The key to a great action shot is making sure the image is sharp. An amazing photo can easily be ruined by a blur and being out of focus. The best way to avoid this is by raising your shutter speed. Raising your shutter speed can freeze the motion without for crystal clear image. IFor shooting in manual mode, always make sure to keep the shutter speed above 1/200. While shooting outdoor action shots where you have a lot of available light, keep the shutter speed above 1/1000. 

Continuous Shooting Mode

When you’re trying to nail the perfect action shot, continuous shooting mode is your friend. It allows you to take multiple pictures at a faster rate. This helps to capture every movement of the subject’s movements and actions. You can later go back through all the images captured during the shoot to find the one that perfectly encapsulates what was happening. Instead of taking one picture at a time and hoping you captured it, continuous shooting mode helps you have multiple to choose from.

Choose the Right Spot

As a photographer, it’s important to develop an eye for the perfect setting. Get to the area that you are shooting in and find the best spot to take photos. Depending on whether you have a short or a long zoom lens will determine where you can shoot from. Depending on the sport or activity you are shooting, you won’t be able to cover every angle. Finding the perfect spot is a location that is the perfect distance away for your camera and lens combination. When finding the perfect spot, be patient and keep a good eye.